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We LOVE our coffee (and our coffee roasters) here in Mosier. For a small town to have two excellent coffee bean specialists is a double treat! You may well have seen both MoCo and Randonnée beans for sale at Brenna’s Mosier Market and wondered which to buy. Well, the answer, obviously, is to try both!

The block on Center Street between Hwy 30 and 3rd Ave has been busy for many months as the vision of Bryan McGeeney and Brian Nicholson has been transforming into reality. Their goal is to create “Camp Randonnée”, a visitor and local recreational space that will include four short term rental cabins, the coffee shop, a food truck (currently the delicious Taqueria Chapalita) and a green space for public gathering. As Mosier residents, they want to encourage both the recreational and social charms of our town.

Brian N. designed the four one room cabins that will be available for lodging in the future. They are charming and private, with a two story open ceiling and enclosed front deck space for gazing north across the river. He is planning to have e-bikes available not only for guests but also for public rental. 


Bryan M. is the official face of the coffee shop, along with friendly and local baristas Kat and Abby. They all appreciate working close to home and being part of our community. Brian became a barista at age 14, and used his combined college majors of geography and economics to pursue his passion for world-wide coffee exploration and promotion. He feels 20 years of connection with Mosier as both a resident and the owner of a previous coffee shop iteration (10 Speed) in the same building. See and smell bags of beans from Central and South America and Africa inside the shop as they await their fate inside the large drum roaster. Ask what single origin beans you are enjoying any particular day, as they will vary with the roasting schedule. 

If you are in need of caffeine or a chai between 8am and 2pm and just don’t feel inspired to make your own, walk or drive down to Randonnée and have the baristas make you a warm and tasty hot drink. There are also freshly baked items including scones, cookies, and banana bread. As the months unfold, look for an expansion of the coffee shop, including a heated (hurray) outdoor seating area.

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