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Mosier Skate Park

In Memory of Jacob Rogers

Phase One: Fundraising for Seed Money

Volunteers of the Main Street Mosier Design Committee are excited to proceed with Phase 1 of the Mosier Skatepark project. The Main Street Mosier Board and the City of Mosier Council have both approved the initial phase of the project, which does not include construction.

Phase 1 entails fundraising for design of the project.  Simultaneously, a Request for Proposals will be drafted to select a skatepark designer/construction contractor.  These activities will continue throughout the summer. Construction of the skatepark (Phase 2) will not proceed without additional approval.  Public input will be obtained during the design process. Stay tuned for notifications of public review meetings. The skatepark site is approved at the east end of land donated by Union Pacific, at the west end of the bridge over Mosier Creek.

Save the date for Community Night fundraiser at Thunder Island Brewery May 17th starting at 5 p.m.. A family friendly event under the big tent. Silent auction, raffles, bingo and more!  We are ready to solicit donation for this event. We will be at Mosier’s MSM Springfest to offer more information.

The Main Street Mosier Design Committee looks forward to proceeding with design of a project that will serve as a park offering positive outdoor activity within town, for skaters of all ages. The park is also a memorial for Andrea Roger’s son, Jacob, who created this skate shoe when he was a student at MCS.

Ways To Get Involved

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